Hi, my name is Helena and I’m one of co-facilitators of this BCCampus book club,of this wonderful book. Look, it looks like I really read it a lot, but it’s actually my puppy that got to it. He must know that
it’s a goooooood book!

So, so many takeaways. But I think two that stand out to me, the first one is I really appreciate backwards design and how it all is about our
learning outcomes. What is the learning outcomes and when you design an activity or an assignment, how does that help you to get to those learning outcomes? I think that really can help us our coursework. Make sure what we have there is focus on reaching the
learning outcomes. And then the second actually still aligns with the idea of learning outcomes and that is of the use of media.

On page 60 to Flower Darby says that when considering adding media of any kind, think carefully about how it supports the achievement,
of course learning outcomes and what problem it solves. If you don’t have a good answer for both of those questions, leave it out.
I’ve seen a lot in his past here of the pivot to online learning.
That faculty can get quite distracted with all the cool new tech
tools that’s out there.

And I think that’s dangerous.

We can make it very complicated for students to participate and we
have to keep in mind that not everyone has access to the same tools and technology. So let’s keep that in mind.

That is my goal as I move forward, as I start a new course
when we design our FLO programs, what is it that I want learners to get from this learning event? And how will we get there in a simple and clear way.

Thank you for joining us on this book club. journey. We look forward
to crossing paths again.

Thank you.

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